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Water Pollution Events Frequent Water Purifier Market Demand Rapid Growth
Release date:2017/11/13 14:22:46

        Water pollution incidents occur frequently. The market demand for water purifiers is increasing rapidly. The second is the electrical or kitchen enterprises that enter the field of water purifiers, including Mei Mei, Haier, Shuaikang, etc. The third is the professional enterprises based on the field of water purifiers, including Qinyuan, Angel, Langmu, Bishui Water, etc. But these corporate brands have not yet formed a certain scale.

        Water purifier is an independent water purification device, also known as drinking water quality processor or drinking water quality treatment equipment. It uses municipal tap water or other centralized water supply as its source of water, after further treatment, aiming at improving the quality of drinking water and removing all kinds of harmful substances in water.

        At present, the water purifier industry has formed large enterprises, unlike the traditional household appliances market leading enterprises, water purifier market is mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises are few, there are super large enterprises, industry development. Water purifier manufacturers concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, of which a large number of enterprises with less than 100 people are not planning to apply for health approval. At present, the domestic water purifier market is mainly occupied by three types of enterprises, one is the international water purifier enterprises, including 3M, A.O. Smith, the other is the electrical or kitchen power 

        enterprises entering the field of water purifier, including Mei Mei, Haier, Shuaikang and so on; the third is the professional enterprises based on the field of water purifier, including Qinyuan, Angel, Langmu, Bishui Shuiyuan and so on. However, these enterprise brands have formed a certain scale, and the market brand concentration is not high. On the other hand, the water purifier market lacks effective standard constraints. At present, the national standards related to the implementation of the water household appliances market include the "household and similar use water purification equipment" and "household and similar use drinking water purification core" which have been implemented since 2010, and the industry threshold meeting the health requirements of drinking water has been set up. However, there are still some deficiencies in the mandatory standards for the authority of household water purifier products, which makes it difficult for enterprise product execution or technical supervision departments to supervise.

        According to the data released in the "China Water Purifier Industry Market Analysis and Investment Prospect Analysis Report 2014-2020", it shows that water pollution accidents in China have occurred very frequently in recent years, with more than 1700 incidents every year. High-density water pollution incidents pose a great threat to people's drinking water safety. Under this premise, the market demand for water purifiers is expanding rapidly, and water purification equipment has become the focus of competition in the household appliances market.

        Water purifier has been developed in China for many years. China's water purifier industry has continuously introduced advanced production technology from abroad to improve the design and production level. The manufacturing technology and quality of domestic water purifier 

        manufacturers are constantly improving. At present, domestic enterprises and foreign brands are competing to enter the momentum of the influx of domestic brands and joint venture brands showing a situation of parallel progress.

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